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Directions, Transport and Travel To and From Barcelona University
(Barcelona, Spain)

Barcelona is easy to reach from the north and south of Spain, with major highways going inward from both directions. A busy route connects the city to Madrid, and thanks to its coastal location, the trip offers splendid views of the Mediterranean. Those driving in from the east get a great view of the Pyrenees as well.

If you are coming from France or countries north of Spain, you can take the fast and convenient E-15 highway or go for the more scenic coastal road. For those entering Barcelona via Toulouse, the N-152 to Barcelona coming from Puigcerda is the best route. This will take you to Madrid, from which you can take the N-2 to Zaragoza, then the A-2 to El Vendrell. Turn at the A-7 motorway headed to Barcelona. From southern Spain, take the Costa del Sol and follow the E-15 north from Valencia.

Travel by Air

Most tourists arrive at the Barcelona International Airport, 14 km / 9 miiles southwest of the city centre. Flights from major European cities arrive and depart regularly, as well as flights from North America and stopovers from Asia. Domestic flights also connect the city to the Balearic Islands.

Barcelona Airport (BCN) Information - Useful information about Barcelona (BCN) Airport

Car Parking

Because parking can be difficult, many experts advise tourists against bringing cars to Barcelona. The city centre does has some parking facilities, but they are limited.

Placa de les Glories has a program they call 'Metropark,' which is essentially a 'park and ride' system. The car park in the middle of Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes, the strategic point where major Barcelona roads (namely Avenue Diagonal, Meridiana, and Gran Via corts de Catalanes) meet. There is also a large (and inexpensive) parking facility in the Barcelona bus terminal.

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Travel by Trains and Rail

Rail is the most popular means of travel from within Spain, especially from the south along the Costa del Sol, Seville, and Andalusia. Daily trains connect Barcelona to Madrid and Nice, stopping at any of three stations. Estacio Sants, located west of La Rambla, is the principal station, while Catalunya Station on Play de Catalunya serves domestic trains coming from the north, The Estacio Franc Station is less crowded, catering to trains from the east.

Travel by Buses and Coachl

The Barcelona Airport Aerobus runs from all the airport terminals. It is a comfortable bus with convenient luggage compartments. Once in the city, you will find a lot of buses operated by Sagales.

Travel by Taxi

Taxi rates in Barcelona (and the rest of Spain) are relatively cheaper than those in other parts of Europe. Most taxis only charge its passengers the amount on the metre, but additional charges apply if you have additional luggage. It is customary to give a tip.

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